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Justice Vs Revenge...? The differences between these two are (the spelling). Justice is “legalized Revenge” based upon a democratic voting process.
A process, which often ends in “Jury Duty”...Revenge, is nothing more than (justice, minus the voting process) Which saves tax dollars? How can we tell if we have the guilty in custody & not The (innocent?) All we have are; Assumptive conclusions based upon any given Evidence & testimony of key witness’s...
(But) how can we know that the evidence in question is “reliable?” How do we Know the Evidence was not tampered with? or invented to point towards the Accused...?
We don’t.” Most often- we as (the people) are encouraged to “trust” The law & trust the law makers & to (Trust) the law enforcers. Once again, we Are force-fed to have faith in the system- A system that I might add; only works For the rich & middle-class.
This has not changed since the days of the ancient Egyptian Kings. God cares nothing for the poor or for the (innocent) otherwise the poor & Innocent would always be exonerated in the Very beginning prior to any Accusations being made thereof. I helped send an innocent Victim to prison over 35 years ago due to the prosecutions team withholding key evidence, which would Have set the victim free after the arrest- I even prayed about it prior to the Trial. When the victim died in prison due to torcher & being burnt to death by Inmates- 6-7 years later, the real culprit comes forth on his Death-bed Confession.
The victim spent only 9 years in prison after his conviction. When I received This bit of news- In that day, I lost all my trust in the legal system & all Trust in “a God” That I was taught since child-hood who would always defend the Poor- downcast, & (forgotten). I guess, “God” forgot all about it.”however” (I Will Not!) & I refuse to trust in the system any longer.
Since that time- I have Chosen to exercise my own brand of (justice). My own Brand demands that there be (No living witness’s...“And no jury...!” “Only the Judge who there-after’ serves As the executioner- This way, if I condemn the innocent due to misinformation- I won’t feel so bad...For such is the simple life of this Vampire...!
Faith Vs Hope...?
Faith Vs Hope. (Revised; 7-25-09) Subtitled; Key to fulfilling desires What is the difference? Most clergy agree that (faith) is made of substance "un-seen" much like (the Wind). We can feel & see the outcome. We can experience what the wind does- but Cannot see the wind itself. We can only witness it while it bends & blows thru The trees & even via "tornado" As it destroys what ever is in its path.
So, just what is this stuff Made of...? Anything that has bulk or tangible content- (Seen-Or un-seen) contain "atoms" & The atom is the smallest element of "any" unit regardless of Size or contour...
Hope is only desire to experience "particular outcomes" of any given Circumstance. Faith can move mountains- but not every Mountain can be moved by "Faith". If the Mountain does not need to be moved in order to appease your Desire, then that mountain will be a very tough move.
 Just because God can raise The dead- does not mean that; God is obligated to do so each & every time. If God were ever truly concerned about our wants & needs- then, no-one would HAVE any kind of need..."think about it". Im quoting a very Famous TV preacher Who is no Longer among us.
His ideology points to the idea that God can even (Remove your desires) so that you could never have a (need!) I have to admit That- this is the most critical thinker of any TV preacher IV ever heard. Why Does God Allow us to be tempted with (desire?) God's own nature is based upon & Within; (creationism)- much Like an artist.
As a (human)- you Have a Nature-based desire to (create) which includes possible (destructive art-form) On your part...We are all born with a (god-given Desire) to "create- such as the Desire to hunt for & obtain food in order to sustain our families. Hope is Relevant to; those who need it. Those of us who have no desire- also have (no needs).
 You can be as poor as a Church-mouse, and still have “no need or desire.’ You Can also have all the Money in the world & still be the most needy on the face of the planet. If you Have “no desire- then you already possess everything that you need at that Moment- so, how Do we Obtain that which we desire...? You must first convince Yourself That what you (desire) is “Gods will...!”
Sometimes this demands you to put away written laws. This includes what you Consider To be heavenly mandates & many times, includes (man-made or Nature-based laws). This does not protect you from any Given Law, but merely Hides them from you for the time being. Keep in mind; this does not excuse you From “man-made penalties” nor Does it exclude you from all the penalties Pelted-out by the hands of; Old Mother Nature.
The smart thing to do is first ask yourself; “what will happen” after I fulfill That which I KNOW I DESERVE...? Then be ready to deal with the domino-effect of The Consequence of that follow there-after. The trick is in the (gnosis) or (KNOWING) that you really deserve that which you seek... Then go do what you Must to (fulfill that Desire) be it by witchcraft- sorcerery, brainwashing, Negotiation & in some cases; even brute force.
As for The Faith that cannot move mountains- this is what back-hoes, shovels, Negotiations & declarations of war are for- (it's the all American way of life.) Just remember; some desires can sometime Lead you into the execution-chamber or Into the hands of local lynch-mobs that did not like you anyway.
Just be ready To die over the Fulfillment of those desires & then- 9 times out of 10, the Outcome will not be so... “Disappointing’. Nothing in this old world is free. Somewhere down the chain- "someone" always picks up the tab. Everything has its own price-tag, like in some restaurants of Eastern Europe- You don’t get to see the price tag until you have finished Your meal & are ready To check-out , so be sure that the meal is well worth the price before Indulging.
Sounds like my grand-mother Who Use to yell at us; ‘Don’t go near the Water until you know how to swim...! (Knowing) that you are worthy of your desire is the key to jump-start the Energies in motion that will take you closer to the check-out counter- "But you May not like the price...
" Forbidden Metaphors
Revised by the author; LW Craig Subtitled;
End Of the Christian myth The Christian bible teaches that “God” gives wisdom. There are tons of References to this Effect in the bible. Yet, the very same bible also teach that “God” not only created (all life) but can also raise the dead...?
Why did God Create a (tree of knowledge) since God is the Author & giver of all knowledge? “Why bother to invent a “knowledge tree...? And, why did God bother to create a (tree of life) since God is the author & Creator of all life. Both trees” Never served any purpose.
Does this mean that God makes junk after all...? Since God can see the Future before the future becomes an evil-idea in anybodies Head- Why did God bother to place those trees in Reach of Adam “Knowing” what Adam & Eve Would eventually choose to do? That’s like setting up your kids to; “Kill themselves.” If any of us pulled that prank- you & I would be facing a grand Jury for Endangerment to Commit 1st degree felony thru (entrapment.)
Since God already Knew the Outcome- this makes God to be a “murderous parent”. Since both trees Never served any Purpose- this tells me the two trees (never really existed) on The grounds that the trees would have never served any useful purpose. Im sure that the garden itself existed- but; Forbidden fruit (?)’
They were just Metaphors to scare the reader into submission- Just like the “burning-bush which Moses lit” himself & the 10 commandments” that Moses invented. Do you realize that once the two trees are removed from the picture- this Invalidates any need for the new-testament & also invalidates any need for “Gods’ forgiveness...!”
The New Testament was based on those two trees- not the death & hopeful Resurrection of Jesus. Now go back & review the second paragraph for greater Insight into this ancient mystery... Genesis Revised; Once upon a time a “spirit” called (God) desired to create a “mud-ball” called (Earth) & then (desires) to invent A “fruit garden in it...?” Do spirits need Fruit in order to exist? Simple questions demand only simple answers.
Eventually, this spirit called (God) desires to invent “Humans” To take care of This garden...? Why not have Angels to over-see this garden? Wouldn’t mindless Angels be more reliable than Humans...would be. The Talmud shows Moses teaching that (angels) & demons have no “free-will”, so Angels would be better. Eventually, this God desires to place in this garden;(2) Particular trees; “tree of knowledge” & tree of life...?
“I have two simple questions;” Since God has the power of resurrection- what use is any tree of life? Since God Has the ability to impart (Knowledge) to humans, animals & even vegetation Without using any (tree of so-called Knowledge.) This is (proof) that the two Tree’s in Question, had no reason to exist at all. (But) If the story is true- Then this is solid proof that God is A lunatic & (murderer) by placing these Trees in reach of Adam & Eve...
Now You know why & where IV been hung-up since The age of (Nine)- Just keep in Mind that (God) knows the future prior to any Inception of (any human idea) being “born”. What’s my point...? Because of these two tree’s- The story of Genesis as Recorded by the KJV & Mozoric text Is proof that there was never any tree of Life nor any tree of knowledge- & since God is the creator of all life & has the Power of raising the dead- what use is ANY tree of life?
 Since God can impute Knowledge & wisdom to any of his/hers/or it's created beings- what use is ANY Tree of knowledge...? So now think; what does this do to the original Disobedience allegedly committed by “Adam & Eve...?” “I can hear you Thinking...!
Is there really & truly such a thing? ...Are there any true Definitions of (absolute...?) To myself- any definition regarding (anything) is very important & based upon; “Personal experience & belief regarding, any So-called “absolute.” What I Classify As (truth)- anyone else may call; (fantasy)...most often due to Their opinionated Views or lack of personal wisdom regarding any given; “So-called” (Absolute...)
The only absolute is (YOU) & what you choose to call your Personal reality- For when you die,-You will take all your (Personal realities) with you as Pocket-change.) What can We do with any (Pocket-change after our demise?) We can only exchange it or (replace it) .
The changes are all based upon “Circumstance & choices” So, (make your Choice!) Welcome to the “Vampires World of Reality, where the old never Really die- nor the young ever become old & frail... Both simply “shape-shift from one reality to the next.” Flesh and bone are Only “jump-suits” which we change Out ever so often.
Vampires are (highly Evolved humans) that control “Spirit”. Others are simply spirits that Control and Rule all the human beings of which they choose To possess. What do we call a vampire that can do (Both?) We just simply Call them; (talented.) Which type Are you?
If you choose to Select (only human)This Means that your inner vampire rules you & not the Other-way around. Anyone who is able to make choices is considered To be a “Vampire.” Are you A good one or (evil?) A well seasoned vampire already (Knows) that an Experienced vampire can be (of either one) or the other According to current mood or even Choose to be (neither.)
Those who feel themselves as Victim or slave to Any higher order, other than them self are called’(Mindless Sacrifices) who seek to be led & fed by The hands of the stronger. ...That’s Just my opinionated observation According to my current 1,200 years of This Earthly misery.
(So, how were Your past lives?) I do hope they were more interesting than mine were. Perhaps I’ll be a bit more lucky in the next one. Who really knows except the passing of time...?
Crash-course In the Salem Tarot:
...How to Read Them If you're just learning how to read Tarot cards, this outline will give you a Great head start. Here I present my own take on the meanings of the popular Rider Waite Tarot Deck. I feel this is one of the best decks to learn with (and stay with) because It has so many symbols hidden within its imagery for you to interpret.
Whatever Tarot spread you choose to use, the card meanings here will help you to Develop the skills as an authentic Tarot Card reader! The Major Arcana...
The Most powerful card of the Tarot is the Major Arcana, also known as the Trumps. These cards signify powerful spiritual and life changes and the more that appear In a Tarot reading, the more likely that there are forces at work beyond your Control and that you should seek for the lessons therein.
The Fool- 0. Justice- 1. The Magician- 12. The Hanged Man- 2. The High Priestess- 13. Death- 3. The Empress- 14. Temperance- 4. The Emperor- 15. The Devil- 5. The Hierophant- 16. The Tower- 6. The Lovers- 17. The Star- 7. The Chariot- 18. The Moon- 8. Strength- 19. The Sun- 9. The Hermit- 20. Judgement- 10. Wheel of Fortune- 21.
The World the Minor Arcana;
The ancestors of the modern playing cards, the Minor Arcana represent the Mundane in our lives, the daily events and situations that are represented by The ancient elements of Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. The Suit of Cups; Symbolizing the element of Water in the Tarot, the suit of Cups represents the Full range of emotions from romantic love, to sorrow, friendship, to loneliness.
Look to the Cups for signs of new love, happy family, and the joy of good Friends.
* Ace of Cups Eight of Cups
* Two of Cups Nine of Cups
* Three of Cups Ten of Cups
* Four of Cups Page of Cups
* Five of Cups Knight of Cups
* Six of Cups Queen of Cups
* Seven of Cups King of Cups The Suit of Wands;
The Wands represent our courage and passions as indicated by the suit's Association with the element of Fire. The Wands speak of career, ambition, and Drive. They let us know if we're meeting our goals and what to change in order to Achieve them.
* Ace of Wands Eight of Wands
* Two of Wands Nine of Wands
* Three of Wands Ten of Wands
* Four of Wands Page of Wands
* Five of Wands Knight of Wands
* Six of Wands Queen of Wands
* Seven of Wands King of Wands
The Suit of Swords; The Swords represent the Air element and thus the mind, the intellect, Communication, and strife. You'll find some of the more discouraging cards among The swords because it is our thoughts and words that typically get us into to The most trouble. But it is also our thoughts and words that can get us out, so even the worst Clouds in this suit have a silver lining...
* Ace of Swords Eight of Swords
* Two of Swords Nine of Swords
* Three of Swordsmen of Swords
* Four of Swords Page of Swords
* Five of Swords Knight of Swords
* Six of Swords Queen of Swords
* Seven of Swords King of Swords
The Suit of Pentacles; Some say that money makes the world go around. This is nowhere better indicated than in the Tarot suit of Pentacles, Representing not only the element of Earth, but the importance of finance, Stability, solidity, conservation, and fortitude in one's life. The Pentacles speak of money, but they also tell us about our health and home, Being symbols of our most physical realities;
* Ace of Pentacles / Eight of Pentacles
* Two of Pentacles / Nine of Pentacles
* Three of Pentacles / Ten of Pentacles
* Four of Pentacles / Page of Pentacles
* Five of Pentacles / Knight of Pentacles
* Six of Pentacles / Queen of Pentacles
* Seven of Pentacles / King of Pentacles
What IV Learned Within 55 Years? Some songs are better off; un-sung”. Some things are better left as (broken). Many things are better left “un-touched” & un-proven. Silence is not always Golden. The good-guy doesn’t always finish first or last. Many things are better Left un-said. Many (truths) are better off, never being known. Many lies are Better off being hid from the masses- for you see; (truth) does not always set You free- But, neither does (falsehood). So, what does it mean to ...(be free?) Have you ever known the dead to complain? “Case closed...!”
Of all the time IV spent in scientific laboratories between here & china- you Might think I was ahead of my game, when the sad truth is; I feel like I never Really got started. Be very careful of what you seek. Because, one day you might Find it- but you won’t always like what you find. For example; why are we here?
“Most folks do not like the answer to that one.” Most live in light of religious Pipe-dreams of a (brighter heavenly) future. I have concluded that those Dreamers harm no one & if their dreams drive them to live A peaceful existence With their neighbor’s until the end- (so what?) Weather we be winner or looser- We all (eventually die) including All the rich Kings, priests & hero’s of our Day.
What do we call a (living hero?)...We call them LUCKY if they walk away with all Their Limbs & mind intact. We all seek for something. I just hope that, in the End- you like what you have sought...”
Just remember; that Justice- Love & Faith Are (all blind.) I just hope you are never required to see what I have seen. Some folks have asked; just what is it that I have seen? To make a very long & Complicated story short; we as (humans & animals) are here to serve & service All the (green-life.) here on Earth and Our final duty is to become (mulch) for All of that “green-life” in question.
Good Night...! Posted by llwcraig at 1:59 AM 0 comments About Me; Lonnie Craig Male/widower with 7 grandkids & 2 grown adult kids